Guarantee the certification of your project with AQSensor

AQSensor is your step towards smart building excellence. Monitor and improve air quality in real time, raising your space to standards such as WELL, BREEAM, RESET and LEED.


RESET addresses indoor air quality as a fundamental aspect of its focus on the health and sustainability of built environments.

Key considerations for air quality under RESET include:

• Continuous monitoring
• Emphasis on long-term health
• Sensor-based standard
• Modularity and separate certification
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Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED is an international system certifying the sustainability of buildings, covering aspects such as energy efficiency, water management, materials, and air quality.

AQSensor contributes to improving LEED scores in 4 of the 8 criteria:

• Energy performance optimization
• Advanced energy consumption measurement
• Thermal comfort
• Energy performance optimization
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BREEAM is an international sustainability assessment standard for buildings developed by the Building Research Establishment in the UK.

AQSensor aids in enhancing BREEAM scores in 4 of the 8 criteria:

• Management
• Health and well-being
• Energy
• Innovation
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WELL is a leading certification assessing and certifying built environments, with a focus on the health and well-being of occupants.

AQSensor contributes to improving WELL scores in 2 of the 7 areas:

• Thermal comfort
• Air
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