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3 models and 2 assembly options to suit your needs

OEM option for large clients

This status provides them with full control of their system, offering the possibility of an exclusive web panel.

Autonomy extends to the management of clients, installers, projects, machinery, among other elements.

Customization Capability:

  • Tailored sensors featuring the client’s brand.
  • Inclusion of the client’s logo on AirQuality Safe devices and applications.

Application Programming Interface (API).

Identification through an OEM Code.

Explore Our API: Unlock powerful connectivity for your application by discovering our API

Integrating our API is straightforward and efficient. Simply make requests to access specific functions of our platform, enabling seamless communication between your application and our services. Data exchange is standardized, utilizing formats such as JSON, ensuring uncomplicated integration.

Interoperability without borders

Smart reuse

Unlimited scalability

Agile development

Guaranteed security

Fosters innovation

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