Who we are

AirQuality Safe positions itself as a leading authority in indoor air quality control. Strategically located in Malaga, Spain, and the cosmopolitan city of Milan, the company has established its position through the fusion of technological innovation and expertise in air quality, backed by a strategic alliance with DustFree since 2014.

The genesis of AQS lies in the merger of specialized knowledge and a commitment to excellence. The collaboration between technological innovation and customer connection has allowed the company to excel in indoor air quality control.

Our philosophy

What do we do?

We contribute to general well-being by providing comprehensive solutions for effective indoor air quality control. At AQS, we are dedicated to creating safe and healthy environments, committing to excellence and sustainability in all our operations.

What do we want to achieve?

To be recognized as global leaders in indoor air quality control, setting the standard in innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to creating indoor environments that promote health and well-being. At AQS, we aspire to be the undisputed benchmark in environmental management solutions.

What do we believe in?

1. Innovation: We embrace innovation as the driving force behind our growth, constantly exploring new frontiers in technology and solutions for air quality control.

2. Sustainability: We take on environmental responsibility, integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our operation to minimize our impact on the environment.

3. Commitment: We are committed to total customer satisfaction, building strong relationships based on trust, transparency, and the delivery of effective solutions.

4. Well-being: We prioritize the general well-being of our customers and the community, promoting safe and healthy indoor environments.

Firm commitment to R+D+I

We have a highly trained team working tirelessly to conceive revolutionary solutions. Inspired by the vision of providing safer and healthier indoor environments, our creative minds and technical experts collaborate closely to develop products that go beyond conventional expectations.

Sustainable and ecological approach

Ecological awareness guides our research, ensuring that our solutions contribute to a more sustainable future.

Continuous adaptation to customer needs

This adaptation ensures that our solutions are both technologically advanced and practical and accessible.

Participation in research projects:

We collaborate with academic institutions, government agencies, and other companies in the sector to enrich our knowledge and contribute to the global advancement in this field.